Forbes for a Secondary News Source

I have chosen Forbes as my secondary news source. Originally I was going to do The Onion, but I decided to pick something more straight forward. The biggest reason I selected Forbes is because in the past I have read many technology based articles on their website. The site is also very easy to navigate. Another reason I like Forbes is because every article has pictures. Call me childish but I like having something to look at to break up the readings. I am not sure about what bias that the site has as of the moment. Since what I mostly read is technology articles, they are much more factual and less opinionated. By avoiding politics, I feel like everything will be much more trustworthy but also a lot more interesting. I get really tired of reading about how things are in Washington, and from what I can tell, that topic is no where near as prominent on Forbes as it would be on print news that has been digitized. Especially since I have to read the New York Times, this will give me a break from the annoying political articles. Another thing I like about the website is that it has news videos for if I do not feel like reading. If I have had a long week I can just put on one of the videos to get my news instead of skimming through articles. The main downside I see to the website is that there are a decent amount of advertisements. That is not a problem, it is just a bit of an eye sore.