Isle of Dogs Discussion

This is an extra credit response to Isle of Dogs, shown last Sunday at a pre screening. First off, I really liked the movie. It was very Wes Anderson with its snappily delivered dialogue and  stiff motions. Also the way the movie was divided into chapters is another big Wes Anderson trope. Although they segment the movie a little unnaturally, at least they give you a clear outline. That being said, I still do not think that the chapter system is necessary. Personal preference I suppose. Anyway, there was one thing with the dialogue that I found really interesting. All of the human characters, for the most part, spoke exclusively Japanese. Also all of the writing was in Japanese. Both of these had very few times that they were translated. I really like this choice because it allows for the world to feel more genuine as well as force the english-speaking audience to get the idea of situations through body language. In my opinion, it was very well implemented. Talking about this movie from a media perspective gives it a whole new light. The movie has a large false information from the government theme. The dogs are exiled because they are “dangerous” when the government was what gave the dogs the diseases. They also covered up the fact that the cure for the diseases had been found. Not only these cover ups connect the movie to our class, but also the high school journal that pursues the truth. A high school, foreign reporter goes so far to stop an election to question the government. This is very topical to the current situation in America that comes off as media vs government. All in all, the movie was enjoyable and surprisingly related to media and culture.