My Creative Project

For the last few weeks I have been creating a small Minecraft project as a demonstration of my relationship as a Youtube subscriber/viewer to several Minecraft Youtubers (Grian, BDoubleO100, and Jamziboy) where I follow several tutorial videos and incorporate the schematics into my build. More specifically, I have used modification software to enhance my builds just as Grian and Jamziboy did. Here are several photos:

All three of the Youtubers that I follow all preferred to build medieval-style houses so I decided to make a mountainous, medieval village. I used the original Minecraft software plus a texture pack (software that changes the look of the game) as well as a modpack called Conquest Reforged which adds new items to the game to aid with building. The house designs were based on tutorials done by Jamziboy, specifically this video.

I decided to create a Minecraft village because a critical component of Minecraft Youtubers is participation with subscribers. This most commonly takes the form of tutorial/showcase videos where a Youtuber demonstrates his/her skill at building and encouraging viewers to modify and/or experiment with the build. In Jamziboy’s video he showcases a number of builds centered around a theme that he had developed. In this case, Jamziboy created a theme that featured thatch roofs, bottom floors made with stone and upper floors made with wood. Jamziboy also stressed modular building to help viewers experiment with the size and scale of their builds.

The Youtube format is the central reason why Minecraft has remained so incredibly popular. The ability for viewers and builders to share their work in videos and livestreams as well as communicate through the comments section strengthens the niche mentality of Minecraft Youtubers who focus on building.