New AI Tech

This week I found an article that I is very topical to this week. The article talks about cameras that have Artificial Intelligence running them. Two specific products were talked about in detail. One was the Google Clip, which is a digital camera that takes footage on its own without human input. The other is a security system called Lighthouse AI, that uses face recognition to disarm the alarm system. However it can also be set to let the customer know certain things such as when kids get home or when someone unfamiliar is in the house. To me the first product seems kind of pointless. The author of the article talks about how the camera is able to capture candid shots of his kids that he would normally not think to. That is great and all, but I am an artist, and I would like to have control of what I am taking pictures of. Personally, I would find those weirdly timed shots just something for me to delete. Triviality of the product aside, I see many security problems with this style of camera that relate to the topic of this week. The article reports that Google has measures in place to protect the privacy of the users of the Clip. The primary security measures is limited internet connection and the lack of need to connect to a google account. However, if I have learned anything from this week, there are probably ways for the camera to be accessed. Imagine having unintentional photos being taken and stored without your knowledge because you forgot to turn the camera off. The security system also has a problem of being invasive. The author does a really good job of talking about those problems. The example he uses involves setting the system to notify him when his wife is in the house with a stranger. This is a heavy intrusion of privacy, and again goes into the issues that we are discussing this week.