News Response 1

The article I read was on the manufacturing and selling of Elon Musk’s Model 3 car. Essentially it discussed the financial trajectories of the model and the opinions of analysts. It discussed Musk’s introduction of an automatic production line to increase the production of Model 3 cars. Despite the financial losses Musk has accumulated, the increased production and deliveries leave him hopeful for the 2018 financial year. Additionally, the article mentioned Musk’s rocket launch to orbit the sun.

The Model 3 will be equipped with self-driving technology. The ability for a car to self-drive touches on touches on many of the topics we’ve read and discussed in class. For a car to be self-driving, it must have a level of artificial intelligence, which, as we’ve discussed in class has become an increasingly prominent development in technology. Not to mention, allows an interaction with technology on a much deeper level than we’ve experienced before. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily promote the interaction of the user to the product but rather the product with those around it. For example, self-driving technology aims to avoid accidents which prompts interaction and awareness of surrounding vehicles and objects. It begs the question of how aware cars will be in the future and to what extent would this necessarily be safe.

Finally, the discussion of multiverse and technology existing on multiple levels can be seen through the Model 3 car. Again, with the ability to self-drive the technology of the car is able to be used on the basic manual level most are used to and on the advanced technology that prompts a self-awareness of the car.