News Response #1

The second news source that I decided to use for the semester is the Atlanta Journal Constitution. I selected the Atlanta Journal Constitution because of the wide variety of resources that it offers. As opposed to the New York Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution portrays more images and videos on its homepage. This aspect of The AJC captures the news in a different way than the NYT does, and appeals to the eye more than long paragraphs of writing. Viewers might get a different glimpse of the news from images and videos on the homepage of the AJC, versus from the long paragraphs and captions on the homepage of the NYT. I think it will be interesting to observe the differences between how each news source covers the news and appeals to its audiences. Moreover, The AJC also feels more personal and unique because I am immersed in the culture here while studying at Emory. Some of the events that I’ve read about in the AJC have also been taught in my courses, or closely correlate with concepts that I’ve learned. The “Most Read” and “Special Features” topics in The AJC spark my interest because it’s fascinating to see which stories the public think are most worthwhile to read, and which ones the AJC staff think are important enough to be featured. I am looking forward to examining and comparing the New York Times and the Atlanta Journal Constitution during the semester.