News response 10


Video games have been a huge part of most people’s childhoods since the time they were invented. Of course, the fact that you could relive a situation over and over again through simulation to get results and move forward in a storyline sounds so fascinating.

This article brought up an oft discussed topic in the field of video gaming- and that is the effect of violence themed video games on young minds. Though it did bring in the recent political aspect of Donald Trump accusing gaming companies of corrupting young minds with violence, that was not the important part of this article.

The importance of the article lay in the fact that it connected violent behavior not to the content, but to the culture. The problem lies not in the video game per se, but in the culture of people who play these video games. In addition to that, it is also important to recognize that according to the United States Secret Service and Department of Education, 37 percent of attackers exhibited an interest in violence in their own writings such as poems, essays or journal entries while only 12 percent exhibited an interest in violent video games. Thus, a change in policies is not what is required. What is needed is a fundamental change in mindset.