News Response 10

This week I read, “Avengers,’ the Most Lucrative Movie Franchise Ever, Is Wrapping Up. Why?”, an article in the New York Times about the accumulation of the Avengers franchise that has included 18 films that interweave story lines and characters.  The first part to the Avengers: Infinity War movie is premiering April 27, with lots of support from fans. The author, David Itzkoff, comments on the feat of creating 18 movies over 10 years to build up to this two part finale.

Itzkoff then discusses the movie’s directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, commonly known as the Russo Brothers. They tackled the feat of organizing and creating this feat of a movie that took over 3 years to create. They involved themselves in film at a young age during an economic recession in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1970’s and 80’s where watching movies was there main source of creative outlet. They’re repertoire has not always been as successful as the Marvel movies they had created. They began flopping a few times with their first indie and short films. They moved into some television work and were allowed the creative freedom to explore different ideas for themselves.

There is talk of some of the beloved main Avenger’s dying in this upcoming film, however there isn’t a clear idea of who it will be.

I am a huge Marvel Cinematic Universe fan and I’m very excited to see this new Avenger’s film. I’ve always said that if I were to ever be an actress I would want to land a role as a superhero in an MCU film-that’s job security in Hollywood.