News Response #11

This week, I read an article titled “Letter of Recommendation: Find My Friends” from The New York Times. This article was about the iPhone’s application, “Find My Friends”. This app offers individuals the opportunity to directly jump into our lives and know every detail about where we are and when. If someone does not disclose their location, they could be seen as “suspicious” or “sketchy” to their friends. There is no way to win in this situation in society today. Either someone discloses their location, which can be dangerous, or someone keeps this information to him or herself, and gets judged by others for being sketchy. The article discussed a woman who feels like she is “hiding” if she does not turn on her location for others to see. The app prevents people from lying about where they are, and can also be used as a benefit if they lose their phone or get lost. In my opinion, I think the Find My Friends app is helpful in our society today. I understand the opposing side, that the app can be imposing on someone’s personal life and details that they might not want to share with the world. But, I also think that it is strategic to have the location on in case someone gets in trouble and needs help, without having the ability to contact friends directly. Their friends can look on the app and figure out the best way to help. If someone loses their phone, they can locate where it is because of this app. There are many advantages, but also disadvantages of turning on your location in this app.