News Response 11

The article explores problems related to content-appropriateness on a platform that is very delicate today: Youtube Kids. Its basic model is that it is supposed to only contain child friendly content but according to reports, there has been a lot of disturbing content that kids should not be exposed to at an early age as it has lasting effects on their psyche.

As parents like to be very particular and watchful of what their children are being exposed to, and rightly so, Youtube was forced to provide them with a form of ‘child lock’. However, the question is is this even fully worth it? Anyone can log onto the main Youtube site because Google assumes that a user is at least thirteen. The truth of the matter though, is that today’s kids are way smarter than the previous generation when it comes to using technology and digital media. What should be originally done is this: Get rid of Youtube kids and just have more human resources managing content on the main site which ensures content appropriateness throughout the platform.