News Response #11

This article examines the recent change in strategy for Huawei, a colossal Chinese digital electronics firm with revenue in the same ballpark as Google’s parent company, Alphabet. The tech giant has been a dominating force in the gigantic Chinese market for thirty years, however, this article discusses the Chinese firm’s inability to penetrate the American market despite their best efforts. The company has bold ambitions about pioneering new artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies but recent anti-Chinese trade developments in the United States have compelled Huawei to withdraw from the nation. Lawmakers in Washington are wary about the potential for Chinese surveillance of American citizens and government officials and as a result have begun placing restrictions on products manufactured by Huawei among other Chinese corporations. In response to these mounting pressures from American lawmakers, Huawei initially began to spend huge sums towards lobbying efforts to convince congress and the American public alike that their Chinese products pose no security risk to America. However, now the company is beginning to withdraw from the American market, a trend that is signaled by the firing of numerous key company officials working in America.

This article was very thought provoking in how it shows that there will be a international battle for who gets to produce the digital media technology that has become so important to the modern world. I wonder if this trend of mistrusting foreign technology companies will continue. It seems like it could be damaging to progress in the digital technology space, however, suspicion of foreign powers is no doubt a part of our modern world.