News Response #2

This week, I read an interesting and relevant article in The New York Times Magazine. Titled “What Teenagers Are Learning From Online Porn”, this article discusses the overwhelming amount of power that the media and technology exert on adolescents’ minds today. Specifically, the media has the power to control kids’ thoughts about what is “normal” and it displays an exaggerated approach to sex and nudity. Kids are getting brainwashed by all of the different forms of pornography on the Internet, and they are receiving the wrong ideas about what sex and love are supposed to entail. “Many of the heterosexual videos are shot from the male point of view, as if the man were holding the camera while he has sex with a woman whose main job is to make him orgasm”. This was a fascinating quote in the article because a big portion of what pornography teaches kids is about sexist stereotypes and gender roles. Porn can be referred to as a “male-dominated industry, shot through a male lens”. The large emphasis placed on men in the pornography industry demonstrates that women are used as objects and only exist in the industry to provide men with pleasure and do favors for them. This aspect of pornography is on par with the themes that are presented in Ex Machina, which also reinforce sexualized and objectified female stereotypes. Technology is rapidly evolving in our world today. In my opinion, it is essential for humans, especially kids, to maintain strong in-person relationships and learn from live scenarios rather than exaggerated settings on the Internet.

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