News Response 2/22/18

In this week’s news, I was excited to see an event that incorporates both my topic for my final project, and an event that took place. With the recent shooting still at the forefront of all news media platforms, and especially in the forefront of my thoughts, I payed attention to how the media has been covering the tragedy as students and activists speak out.

The MLB announced, as reported by Fox and the New York Times on Tuesday night, that all Major League Baseball players will wear Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School hats to spring training games this week. This is especially meaningful since many of the spring training facilities are located in South Florida close to Parkland, including Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, and many other stadiums throughout the state.

This tragedy has already drawn so much national attention, but this will just further its outreach with media being the primary platform, as well as those who attend live spring training games. The commissioner of the MLB, Rob Manfred, said MLB received a “really strong sentiment of the clubs it was the appropriate thing to do immediately” in response to all 30 teams agreeing to wear the hats within 48 hours of when the idea was pitched.

MLB players and Stoneman Douglas alumni Anthony Rizzo (Chicago Cubs) and Jesus Luzardo (Oakland A’s) have spoken out and taken action after the tragedy, making the MLB’s support so much more applicable and meaningful. Jesus Luzardo, one of the A’s top prospects and a 2016 graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, started a fund for the family of Chris Hixon, the athletic director who was among those killed in Wednesday’s shooting. Luzardo has taken advantage of  social media platforms to raise awareness of his fundraiser through twitter and facebook, and has also gained attention on cable and the internet though SportsCenter and ESPN interviews and articles.   Anthony Rizzo, first-baseman for the Chicago Cubs, traveled back to Parkland, Florida to support his alma-mater and spoke at the vigil for the victims after the tragedy. Rizzo has also drawn a lot of attention through social media as he, along with student, faculty, and anyone affected by the tragedy, made his profile photo on twitter to the Stoneman Douglas logo with #MSDStrong. Colton Welker (Colorado Rockies) is also among Stoneman Douglas Alumni in the MLB.