News Response 3/29/18

The New York Times reports on Instagram’s new algorithm. Instagram is changing its algorithm in an attempt to make things timelier. Now, users are more likely to see newer posts higher up on their feed in order to give it a “more fresh” feel. In the previous algorithm, Instagram brought popular posts to the top of the feed, and photos were not necessarily in the order of when they were posted. Now, their algorithm won’t be meddling quite as much and images will appear as they are posted.

There will also be a “New Posts” button so that users can refresh their feed to see more recent posts. These new changes that the company is working on are a result of user feedback. Users were complaining that certain posts would reappear on the screen days after they were posted. Posts that appear have also been skewed based on who you, as a user, commonly view or “like” photos from. The main purpose of the new algorithm is to make old content appear less on the feed, which will provide immediate feedback. An older version of the app featured a chronological feed. The new algorithm will not go back to this format, but it will be more temporal than the most recent version of the app.

The major change away from the chronological version of Instagram was in Marsh 2016. They changed it so that Instagram would filter photos and show you photos in the order that they believed the user would care about the most. But, due to customer feedback, they are reverting back to a similar version of the old algorithm.  Twitter and Facebook both feature posts, more or less, in chronological order as well.