News Response-3


If you were to choose between reading about America’s war on Drugs or watching a documentary on it, which one would you go for? For most people, the answer would be the latter one. Audio-visual media is more convenient and interesting then text-media to the human brain.

To suit these needs, the Digital world is moving with what people want. Web pages and blogs are being replaced by memes and podcasts. As the article correctly puts it: “It’s a world where slogans and memes have more sticking power than arguments”. Moreover, the advent of artificial intelligence has eliminated the need to use text in the quest of data or information. Siri, made by Apple, is a great example of this.

The community of computer hackers is spread out across the globe. These genius, supposedly anti-social beings are technologically smart enough to break through the security of a system and take control of it. However, to do so, they have to be masters of coding. Here’s the kicker: Coding is text based. If text-media decreases in popularity to be replaced by audio-visual multimedia, what codes would work to break through security systems?

The article has an interesting take on this potential situation. While it may seem like the futility of codes in an audio-visual media landscape deters hackers from invading other systems, it actually does not. The truth is this: “The ability to search audio and video as easily as we search text means effectively, the end of any private space”.