News Response-4

With the increasing popularity of streaming services, traditional cable and satellite packages seem to be going out of date. Recognizing this development, FOX has come up with something fresh: FOX Nation. Essentially, it is a stand-alone subscription service without a cable package.

As the article claims, Fox nation would focus primarily on right-leaning commentary, with original shows and cameos by popular personalities like Sean Hannity. It will also feature live events like question-and-answer forums that would encourage more direct interaction with anchors and commentators.

This raises an important question about who the media really is? Does it just include the anchors on FOX Nation or does it also include the viewers, the common audience, US? If it includes the common audience, then everybody is essentially a speaker and if everyone is a speaker, who is going to be the listener?

The fact is that media has become more participative, which means that the general audience has a huge role to play in it. Live tweeting during News debates is a a prime example of that. What we see in today’s digital world is a more Active Audience that does not believe in just sitting back and watching what is going on. They want to share, express, participate and communicate their concerns and opinions to make themselves heard, and what is better than using the advent of digital technology to do so?