News Response #5

This article chronicles the ever-increasing affordability and ease of access for Artificial Intelligence technologies. While there are clear benefits associated with the increasing democratization of these technologies, this article focuses more on the potential dangers related to the spread of AI development. The article discusses a conference in which policymakers and researchers met and released a report detailing the increasing possibility of drones and other forms of AI being used for malicious purposes. The article describes possible misuses of AI which have serious moral ramifications such as “deepfake” porn, in which a person’s face can be superimposed on the body of a porn actress to artificially create a video of someone in a compromising position. Another dangerous example of artificial intelligence being wielded inappropriately is the use of the technology to disrupt other AI, such as driverless cars or to invade a security-camera network.

The article clearly presents the disturbing reality of how the power of AI can be used for evil just as easily as good. With the proliferation of the technology, there is no telling who’s hands the technology will wind up in and it seems clear that these technologies could empower scoundrels to interfere with others in more profound and cruel ways than ever before. It is important to keep these issues of morality in the digital age at the forefront of conversation because the rapidly advancing technologies of today and tomorrow will continue to alter the ways in which we wrong each other as well as assist one another.