News Response #6

This week, I read an article about the water main break and shortage in DeKalb County that occurred on March 7, 2018. The title of the article was “DeKalb water main break: Residents react on social media”. After reading this title, I immediately figured that it would be a perfect article for my weekly news response. I thought that it was a great fit for this assignment because the article has to do with media as well as the way that social media is connected to the event. There was a massive water main break in Doraville, near Buford Highway. It affected residents, workers, and students across DeKalb County. Several schools were closed, including Emory University, which caused chaos and confusion. Many people were unable to use the toilet, wash their hands, and shower. These inconveniences caused people to resort to social media and vent their feelings on Twitter. The article featured many people’s tweets from across the County. For example, one individual wrote, “if there is no water in the county! Why am I at work. Toilets can’t flush, hands cannot be washed. This is disgusting.” This person was clearly aggravated with the situation and wanted to be reassured, via social media, that other people felt the same way. A quick “retweet” might’ve given her the comfort that she was looking for. I think it’s crazy how fast word travels about these types of events, all thanks to the numerous social media platforms that we use today. It is so easy and effortless to voice an opinion and receive feedback within seconds.