News Response 6

The article “Facebook Faces Growing Pressure Over Data and Privacy Inquiries” discusses the discovery of the selling of user information to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook had already been suffering from skepticism from users concerned about the safety of their privacy. Cambridge Analytica is now known to have been hired by and affiliated with the Trump Campaign specifically in targeting Facebook users with voter content during the campaign season.

Specifically, in the European Union, Facebook has denied investigations of privacy boundaries by regulators. Recently the European Union has passed legislation that increases the security of media users from major media moguls such as Google, Facebook and others. Additionally, Facebook is facing investigations from the Federal Trade Commission for violating an agreement with the agency. Facebook had once said in 2011 that gaming apps would not have access to user data but after investigation, it was found that these gaming apps did in fact have access to and store user information. This past Tuesday, a letter from British Parliament was sent to Mark Zuckerburg requesting his presence to answer questions about Facebook’s connection to Cambridge Analytics.

This article related to our discussion of internet privacy we had a few classes ago. I recently read an article about Facebook in one of my recent posts and felt this article served as somewhat of an extension to it. It’s also notable to mention that Facebook’s stock prices have gone down significantly because of this press release of privacy violations.