News Response #7

In response to the Cambridge Analytica crisis, Facebook has announced that it will introduce a new centralized privacy settings page, instead of placing different aspects of privacy control in several different parts of the account settings pages.

The most interesting thing, to me, about this announcement, is that there are apparently no new aspects to privacy and security settings, but this is instead just a consolidation of all the privacy and security settings onto one page. This means that, despite all the outrage that people have had over the Cambridge Analytica leak, it was always in their power to control who had that information and for what reason. People were simply to uninformed or unmotivated to go to those several different sections of Facebook in order to ensure that their privacy settings were up to their standards.

Given the amount of time that people generally spend on social media, it is surprising to me that so many people have apparently missed the different ways they can control their privacy and security on Facebook, and are now angry that Facebook itself was not protecting them, instead of users protecting themselves. This seems as if it speaks more to our cultural conception of Facebook, and other social media sites, as having the burden of ensuring our privacy and security of our data and information, rather than us having the responsibility to protect our own data and information.