News Response #8

This week, I read an article titled “Theresa May swaps Blackberry for iPhone”. As stated in the title, this article discussed Mrs. May’s switch from her beloved Blackberry to a new and unfamiliar iPhone. This adjustment signifies our technological and digital age and the rapid changes that constantly occur. When someone’s technological devices are outdated, that person may not be able to keep up with trends, and more importantly with his or her own friends and family. Although the Blackberry once had a reputation as the “champion of the workplace”, many competitors have developed and new gadgets have emerged. It has become imperative for people to always have the latest technology that’s created. Our constant craze over connectivity today is causing people to become obsessed over technology and always in need of the “next best thing”. I agree to some extent that individuals should keep up with trends and stay connected, but it gets to a point of obsession where they cannot live without being up to date with every possible detail. Balance is important when it comes to technology and the “next best thing” because it is so easy to rely on technology for everything and block people out of our lives because of it. Change can be difficult, like it was for Theresa May, but sometimes change is necessary to feel trendy and to be able to know what is going on in the world.