News Response #9

This week, I read a surprising and horrifying article about the recent shooting at YouTube headquarters. Nasim Najafi Aghdam was the shooter, and she shot and wounded three people before killing herself, according to the police. Apparently, her anger toward YouTube was her main motive for this violent shooting. She was upset with the fact that YouTube had such strong aspects of censorship and revenue. “There is no equal growth opportunity on YouTube or any other video sharing site…YouTube filtered my channels to keep them from getting views!” This quote was said by Aghdam and it reinforces the insignificance and immaturity of her reasoning to attack YouTube headquarters. I think that it is valid and reasonable for her to be frustrated with the restriction of YouTube, but YouTube is probably doing that for a logical reason to protect its users and viewers. I feel that Aghdam could have handled her issue in a much more mature and rational way, instead of threatening lives. This also demonstrates how much she cares about other people’s perceptions of her, especially as views and likes. It can be concluded that Aghdam would rather take her life and threaten others than gain slightly less views on a video that was probably offensive or taken down/restricted for a specific reason. She was so insecure and internally angry about this that her family could not even predict that this was going to happen.