News Response: YouTube Shooting

Just yesterday a shooting occurred at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, causing another wave of debates concerning gun control in the U.S. The shooter stormed onto the campus with a 9-millimeter handgun and wounded 3 people before turning the gun on herself, but fortunately there were no other casualties.

The culprit was identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam, a 39-year-old woman whose motivations for enacting the shooting are not yet confirmed. Current leads reveal that Aghdam had a YouTube account on which she had posted some strange videos, in which she would push for veganism. YouTube shut down the account some time in the past due to “multiple or severe violations” of the company’s policies, which likely infuriated Aghdam and led her to commit the shooting.

Aghdam also had her own website, on which she complained about lack of revenue and “”close-minded” YouTube employees suppressing her page views and stifling her content.” She commented, “Youtube filtered my channels to keep them from getting views! . . . There is no equal growth opportunity on YOUTUBE or any other video sharing site, your channel will grow if they want to!!!!!”

YouTube is known for having issues with its policies — many users are disgruntled from the company removing videos, banning channels, and demonetizing without really explaining why. Of course, this doesn’t warrant the shooting, but YouTube has had these problems for a long while now and isn’t even communicating with the community about whether they will even consider revising their policies. Perhaps recent events will make the company finally take action on their own rules.