No. 6: RestaurantHER

With the Me Too and Time’s Up movements, there has been increasing dialogue around gender inequality. Unsurprisingly, influencers, celebrities, and companies have all begun taking a firm stance on the issue, denouncing inequality.

Grubhub is just one more company in a string of many expressing their opinion. According to BuzzFeed, the site recently launched a new service that allows users to specifically search and find restaurants that are owned by women. RestaurantHER is linked to Grubhub. After you find a restaurant through their interactive map, the link will take you directly back to Grubhub to order.

“When we recognized similar patterns of inequality in the segment of restaurants we work in, we thought, ‘what can we do to help these women out and try to promote more women coming out of the industry?’” -Matt Maloney, Grubhub CEO

BuzzFeed writes that part of the motivation for Grubhub to launch this service was to address ingrained inequality already present in the restaurant industry. This past November, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, commented on the “dick culture” pervasive in restaurants.

“”[I]s it any wonder that dick culture persists in professional kitchens when most of the women are gone from the back of the house by the time they hit their 30s? When the ones who remain are paid, on average, 28% less than their male counterparts?” -Tom Collicchio

Grubhub by creating RestarauntHER is confronting this issue head-on.

This is not the first time Grubhub’s CEO has taken a stance on issues. Grubhub as a company suffered following his comments on the 2016 election.

Going forward, I find it interesting not only how it is becoming more common for companies to express their opinion on political and cultural discourse, but also that they are using their resources to help solve the problem. It remains to be seen if RestaurantHER will be effective. As BuzzFeed notes, it is a bit of a hassle to need to go onto a whole other website to use the service. It is, however, an important step in acknowledging an issue and working towards resolution.