Parents can be such BLOCKERS: Extra credit event

This movie was a classic rollercoaster of emotions woven into an exciting storyline. It explored the intricacies of parent-child relationships and how ideological differences centered around age and generation gap could cause serious, but sometimes funny conflict.

I was also really excited to see John Cena, one of my childhood wrestling idols, on screen as an actor, even though it wasn’t his first time on screen.

The plot was centered around three girls out of high school trying to loose their virginity at their prom night. What follows is their individual parents trying to ruin their plan together. They try to follow them to the venue but do not get close to them until the after party at the hotel. However, each parent in the end, shares a sweetly intimate moment with his/her child even though they are initially met with anger and resistance by the kids. Various cultural sexual references were also mentioned which made it more real.

All in all, the movie reaffirms the strength of a parent child relationship and underscores the fact that disagreements will take place, but in the end love, care and mutual understanding will prevail.