Persuasive Essay


The man shown above is a gaming Youtuber DarkSydPhil, DSP for short. DSP is a man from Seattle in his late thirties who is notoriously known for masturbating during a live stream. I first found out about DSP through a friend. DSP is not your traditional “Let’s play” gamer. He is not good at the games he plays and he adds little to no commentary on the gameplay. Instead he talks about issues in his life and is very open about it. He goes into detail about various breakups he’s been through, suffering from depression, being unable to pay his bills and losing a home.  In terms of how big his following is, he actually gets little to no views because of how often he post and how long the videos are. In his most recent gameplay he has posted over 70 videos in one day. Averaging to around 11 minutes per video, so over 12 hours worth of gameplay. Even videos that make fun of him get more views than him because his content is hard to consume. I say this because majority of people undermine videogame addiction as an addiction. Narratives such as DSP are rarely told, but when they are they are told at the victim rather than empathize.DSP has a cult following of people mocking his gameplay to support my argument. It is clear that he is suffering from an addiction, but he rationalizes his addiction by saying it is his job now.


Through the power of the internet, gaming for a living have become a somewhat viable career option. There are gamers who have dedicated up to 18 hours of their day to training for tournaments that offer big prizes, or streaming gameplay via Twitch or Youtube. Some argue that these are content creators within a subculture that outsiders would not understand, and it is because of their ignorance they label it as an addiction. I am not saying that video games should be banned, but that too much of anything is dangerous and gaming should not be exception. Many professional gamers have admitted to having a serious issue with their gaming habits, and entering the professional level brought them happiness, but depression as well. For example, Daigo Umehara is a professional gamer who probably have the most iconic moment in gaming tournament history which is moment 37. He has won several gaming titles, but even he has admitted that after taking a hiatus from gaming that he felt as though he is a failure because he spent too much time on games rather than life. a