Q and A with Michael Ironsides

Michael Ironside Picture

On Monday march 19 the esteemed actor Michael Ironsides gave an hour and a half discussion on his history in the business and answered questions from audience members.  He discussed how his father worked on a printing press in Toronto Canada and because of this he was always surrounded by literature.  This lead him to start writing plays and with encouragement from a teacher went on to produce a play while still in High school.  The reason Michael actually got into acting was to help him become a better writer.  His first role was in 1977 but he was put into the spotlight in 1981 as the antagonist of Scanners.  He also talked about many other roles and discussed his favorite of the past couple being J.P. Morgan in The Alienist.  When discussing his role in the Splinter Cell franchise he went on to tell us how he was able to rework a good chunk of the writing for the first game and was able to workshop characters to create a better game.  The questions asked also gave insight into his methodology as an actor, trying to create all the characters from the ground up in a type of method acting.  A funny thing he said about it is that the way he gets out of these characters is when he gets home and puts on his Birkenstocks because none of his characters would ever wear those.  He also talked about the scripts he’s made that he still wants to get made.  One he discussed Passport India a script based on the true story of two English orphans that were brought to a port in a different part of India by the local mailman with a wheelbarrow.  He had some very good lessons, not all I can say here because he used a rather gruff language, but all are lessons that I believe will stick with many at the Q and A including me.