Reflection 2

So in trying to modify my page to how I truly wanted it, I ran into a lot of walls that the only work around was to pay. For example, I wanted to add background music, but that required a plugin, which required business model, which is a payed model. I changed my theme to something that look better, but the best themes are locked behind a paywall. I found it very hard to remain creative with such limited tools. I tried to work around the lack of background music by adding an audio file, but for some reason, (hint, hint, it’s money), the only files taken for audio files were formats that were not sound based. All theses attempts to really make the page my own only reinforce what I said in my first reflection: without using money, making a good, noticeable website is impossible. It doesn’t matter how good or insightful your content is, you are super limited to basically just text and pictures, which can only take you so far. In my opinion, my site, in its current state, is something I would click off of immediately if it was not mine. My “maintenance”, if you can call it that, was literally keeping up with the weekly homework and changing the fonts or colors until I found something I was happy with. Sorry if this is coming off as a rant, but it is just infuriating how many limitations this type of website possesses. Complaining aside, I am definitely not touching this thing every again. Well, unless I take another class that requires site management. I would much rather create content for other, more noticeable sites such as Youtube. With content creation, you get a lot more freedom with a budget of zero. If it is not abundantly clear by now, in reflection, I really do not like WordPress. The whole system feels centered around a blog idea, which is not something that I would normally do. I am more of a video/ picture/ story creator, so such a plain site does not accommodate my needs.