Research Paper Draft



Radio has arguably been one of the first conceived forms of media.Guglielmo Marconi created the first physical radio in 1894. From then on, Frank Conrad developed a similar device to be able to tell time from anywhere in 1912. The conception of modern radio only progressed from there. AM radio became one of the main sources of media for many Americans. The decline of AM radio is highly correlated to the rise of FM radio and the introduction of other technologies. As television became predominant in the media consumption sphere, radio had to saturate a more niche audience. Thus, FM radio became more popular satiating a niche need for music and political commentary.


Podcast consumption has skyrocketed since the inception of the media form. About 40% of Americans 12 and older listen to podcasts monthly. What’s more remarkable is that the increase in podcast consumption is growing steadily not with fast unsustainable growth. This 40% aligns with the increase in popularity of Iphone/smartphone use as well as the broad range of podcasts available to listeners.


cultural factors towards the increase in podcast consumption