Response #2

In the news this week, I noticed that the New York Times and Buzzfeed News both published articles about Snapchat. The popular social media app was a topic of discussion this week because of their new update and high earnings report. Buzzfeed News focused on their profits and growth that came as a surprise. Over the past year, Snapchat has struggled in the mist of Instagram and Facebook stories, but Buzzfeed explains how the company is still maintaining their success financially. This is in part because of frequent updates that keep their users interested. The New York Times describes how to navigate the app’s latest revamp. Their article features screenshots from the app’s pages and pictures of the newest filters. In comparison to what I expected when I chose to follow the New York Times, this piece was different because of its casual and more playful tone. While the New York Times takes time to explain the app to its readers, Buzzfeed assumes their audience already understands the app. I was surprised and impressed by how Buzzfeed is able to explain Snapchat’s financial reports for their younger target audience to understand. This speaks to how Buzzfeed appeals to a younger generation of readers, a group who is acclimated to the rapidly changing world of social media. As each news organization assumes some of their reader’s prior knowledge, the different generations of their consumers are revealed.