Same News, Different Perspective

In addition to reading The New York Times, I have chosen to read CNN news on a weekly basis as my second news source.  I chose CNN because it is one of the most popular news sources.  I follow “CNN News” on Twitter and have the application on my phone, even though I do not read the news as often as I should.  However, part of the reason I was interested in this class, is because now I will make reading these new outlets as part of my daily routine.  When comparing CNN to The New York Times, the homepage of CNN seems to be more organized.  Specifically, the different topics of news are more easily distinguished and there are more subheadings on the home page.  This also helps filter stories that one could be more interested in learning about.  Another difference I found between the news sources is that CNN has two categories on its home page titled: “Today in Politics” and “Top Stories.”  I enjoy having those categories because it makes it easier to find the newest and most popular news for someone, like me, who does not keep up with the news as often as I should.  Another difference I found between the two news sources is that the headers on CNN contain multiple sub-headers within each, unlike The New York Times.  Because of the structures of the two news outlets, my opinion is that CNN’s website is better organized and easier to read than The New York Times.