Scientists Will Transport Antimatter in a Truck

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In this article from gizmodo, scientists from CERN discuss how they will soon start transporting antimatter from one location to another by trucks.  The article simply explains what antimatter is, the counterpart to protons, and what these antimatter particles will be used for.  The use is for another project called ISOLADE which creates radioactive atomic nuclei.  Radioactive nuclei have many more neutrons than protons and as they decay the neutrons escape from the nuclei but no one knows what happens to them.  To try and solve this mystery scientists have theorized that colliding these nuclei with the antimatter particles will allow them to probe the structure and find out.  The reason that this pertains to the article is that the antimatter factory and ISOLADE facility are not housed in the same building and the antimatter particles must be transported to the ISOLADE facility.  The reason it isn’t the other way around is because radioactive nuclei decay quickly whereas antiprotons can last for several weeks.  So the need arises to find a way to safely transport them from one place to another.  The scientists state there is no danger in transporting the antimatter because the energy contained in the antimatter sample if released is less than a joule.

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This is a very exciting development because it means we are one step closer to the development to antimatter propulsion.  this type of propulsion would be revolutionary for space travel because antimatter has a higher energy density than conventional fuel sources we use right now as well as a theorized higher specific impulse than conventional rockets.  What both those mean is that the rocket will be more effective and have more power to put out from a smaller fuel source.  This and the em drive developed by NASA will be the ways to bring people further and faster to planets and moons in our solar system and one day to distant stars and solar systems.