Snapchat Trying To Snap Back

The article I chose for this week appealed to me for its familiarity, as both social media platforms mentioned (Snapchat and Instagram) are ones I actively enjoy and sometimes criticize, as they are direct sources of my daily entertainment, and I’m hyper-aware of the ever-changing features which are most successful or most lacking, in my opinion as a user. The article states that Snapchat has altered its features so that celebrity users, or at least brand ambassadors with a large following in advertisement, have more accessible data regarding who has viewed their stories, the gender and age of these viewers, and the location of the views. When I first read this article, I found it surprising that such options weren’t already in place on Snapchat for these specialized users, as marketing in social media must be heavily monitored to assess its successes and failures. I do agree, however, that now this system is in place, Snapchat will have an equally appealing platform in comparison to the rival of Instagram, which I find more employable, more interactive, and more suitable for long-term marketing plans. With Instagram, although content can be uploaded to ephemeral stories, the posts are what attract most followers and can permanently display a visual advertisement (either for a product or a place or even just for one’s own page). With Snapchat, although it may feel like a more personal or participatory experience, the lack of permanence jeopardizes the effectiveness of this outreach, so knowing exactly what kind of audience you’re influencing at exactly what time is going to be extremely helpful.