Social Media Downfall

The article that I read this week talks about how bad social media has become and possible ways to fix it. The author opens by addressing all of the recent issues such as data leaks, linked videos, advertisements, etc. and how these things have made the social media platforms a lot less comfortable to use. I liked the comparison of YouTube to the metaphorical rabbit hole, since that is a situation that I find myself in often. He then mentions current actions being taken or attempted to fix the problems of social media such as laws to limit what can be leaked out. The author finds these laws to be very limited in their effects and I agree to an extent. He claims that they do not fix the underlying problems of social networks. While yes I find that true, I find his argument against startups to be unnecessary. I as well as many others, do not care if laws make it hard for new start up social media companies to form. I just want my data that is shared to be limited to the data I physically share myself. But I digress. The ways the author proses to fix social media are interesting. His first solution is making social media more user controlled. In a privacy sense, yes that would work really well. However, the biggest issue I find with this is the lack of control or censoring of extremely offensive content. As annoying as Facebook is, at least it can filter the really bad content out by removing bad post. His second solution involved categorizing the media pages and allowing different rules on each page. I find this to be very single minded. While yes, there would be much less conflict online, as well as more accurate advertisements, people of different groups interacting is a huge draw of social networks. People can have deep discussions with multiple angles about anything using these platforms. With categories, the conversations would be a lot less interesting. His last solution is completely wiping old unused data and sites. This I find to be the best option. A clean slate every few months would be a nice way to reset annoying advertisements and limit the available data for general use.