social media simulator 2018

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Instagram, facebook, twitter, or whatever your respective social media of choice is, without actually knowing what you’re looking at? I know this happens to me all the time. It’s like that feeling when you know you read a whole page out of a textbook, but you were so entranced you only remember not remembering what you read. Well, a new social media app Binky thinks that this is because you don’t actually like social media. You’re fingers are just so used to scrolling, swiping left and right, and liking and commenting that regardless of how atrocious the content is, you will go through it. So this “social” media app creates a feed of totally random content for you to look at, like all social media apps do, but without the key features. You don’t connect with people on a social level, you don’t comment anything, your likes are meaningless. It’s all just that. Meaningless. All you get for liking a photo is a nice flashy animation, your comments come from a preset, so nothing you type matters. It’s all supposed to be therapeutic.

So, who is this for? I guess just people that really don’t like social media’s fundamental purpose, but for some reason can’t escape its hold. Personally, I like social media. I use Instagram to see what my friends are up to and send dank memes to my friends. I can’t say the same for twitter or facebook though. Facebook is pretty much 100% mindless scrolling at this point, but I don’t see myself replacing it with something like Binky, simply because I’m afraid of missing out on that one cool thing to share with my friends. Either way, if you’re looking for the thrill of scrolling, commenting, liking, and swiping, without any of the real consequences, download Binky and get started.

article from NPR