something something facebook something something stealing something something cambridge analytica something something my data isn’t safe

Everyone and their unborn children must now about the facebook drama at this point. It has literally taken up the entire front page of the npr technology site, and to be honest, I don’t care. I don’t care that facebook is stealing my data, because I’m not very interesting. Also they have to make money somehow, so they can have my obscene posts and pictures I made when I thought I was an edgy thirteen year old who thought the only thing better than a My Chemical Romance hoodie, was a second My Chemical Romance hoodie. But I’m not representative of all Americans, so NPR kindly inquired as to whether they feel like their data is safe. I do not. Most Americans just don’t understand enough to care either. I am with them, but I also just don’t care enough to find out what is being shared, as long as my money and social security can stay safe, ya’ll can have the rest. It turns out that I agree with average Americans more than I originally had imagined, because the data that people mostly care about is their healthcare and social security, although they also find religion and politics important, which I personally do not. The reality is that the US government is stealing our data, facebook is stealing our data, and they’ve both gotten really good at figuring out everything about us by how we use the internet. Even spotify probably can try and guess what race and age I am based on the music I listen to (although I’ve been trying to throw them off by listening to a lot of Bach).

The moral of the story is that data is valuable and important, but I personally believe that if you are wiling to post these things online, to a service that you don’t pay for, you should fully believe that they are 100% storing your information for whatever they see fit. So everyone get your tinfoil hats, hide your wife, hide your kids, cause facebook is stealing everybody’s data up in here.