Sunday Response #2

Over the span of this semester, I have made a few key changes to my website. I was originally struggling to create different pages for the site, as the different menu items simply showcased the same feed. With some help, I learned how to make different pages, so I created a unique home page that welcomes viewers, a page for news responses, a page for final project parts, and a page for Sunday responses/ extra credit posts. I also made sure that every post/response had a featured image, because images are a central aspect of my website’s aesthetic. By having a variety of images, the site became more lively without too many moving parts. I made a few formatting changes, like making sure all of the news responses said ‘news response #1, news response #2’ etc. Before, some had different titles, and I wanted it to be consistent. I also changed the website title from ‘Jacob Aqua’ to ‘Jacob Aqua’s DMCULT Website,’ as it more accurately described the online space. My goals for the site certainly were met: I wanted to become more familiar with WordPress for my future endeavors and I wanted to create a simple, aesthetically pleasing site. I believe that I attained both goals. It was really important for me to learn how to include different pages, because although it seems simple, I had some initial trouble. Other elements of designing and posting content on the site were more basic, yet simply having the experience on WordPress brings me more confident in my online abilities. I now know that I have some familiarity with the site  if I need to utilize WordPress again.