Virtual Reality

In the article Virtual Reality, Now With the Sense of Touch, the author Sarah E. Needleman described her experience of virtual reality with touch. In usual VR games, we put on a headset and see the illusory world produced by the virtual reality headset. In the virtual reality farm created by HTC Corp. Sarah was also given a bulky black glove from HaptX Inc., a six-year-old startup. She described the glove to have wires around fingers to control airflow “to more than 100 inflatable pockets embedded in the glove’s mesh lining”, and that created the sensation of touch. With these gloves, she was able to feel the texture of a little fox that jumped to her hand in the farm and even felt its movements.

In Steven Spielberg’s movie Ready Player One, in which the timeline is set to be the year 2045, haptic technology allows the characters to feel and manipulate virtual objects. Although our technology still does not catch up with the technology level described in the movie, a lot of advanced technologies have appeared and been applied to improve life quality.

For the virtual reality farm created by HTC Corp., the game was not created for pure fun. The story unfolds in the climate change, which later leads to energy crisis, and the earth has been severely harmed. The players can do almost all activities except eat and drink with the virtual reality visors and haptic gloves on what is called “the Oasis”. This game is a relaxation to kill time, but it is more a reminder to us that we should protect this planet we live on.The-Void-1