Website Completion/Reflection

Over the semester I ended up leaving most of the the design alone because I liked what I had done but I ended up added a page called top fives which contains the top five movies, top five games, and top five songs of mine.  I also updated the about me page to include a picture of me.  I feel the images that I’ve chosen for the page fit the themes of the class and the design of the page helps show off the individual posts one at a time which I personally prefer.  I believe that the main banner image of the exemplifies how technology has influenced more than how we tell stories in movies but also how we tell a story through art.  The thumbnail picture is fitting as well being a picture from Fallout 4, a very narrative driven game that shows the story capability of games on the newest consoles.  I believe I achieved all I wanted to with the website, there is no other topics that I would like to cover.  At the most I would have liked to done a few video game reviews but the problem with that is that I would have had to finish a few games to put up reviews.  I learned that it is easier to create the blog posts than I thought, the freedom to set times to publish works helps create consistency that if I kept up a blog would be a useful tool for keeping organized.  I also learned that unfortunately if one wants to fully set up a blog with audio files and videos one has to accept that they will have to pay for these types of sources.  Overall it was an interesting exercise for both the technical aspect and as a way to express opinions on the internet in a more personalized way.