Website Reflection #2


Over the course of the semester, I designed my website with the intention that it would be a representation of my thoughts and feelings about current events. With this goal in mind, it was important to me to have a “main” page that would contain all of my posts, but most importantly my news responses, because I knew that throughout the semester, even as I reported on different things, I would be drawing connections and referencing older posts and class discussions. I also designated menu items, or categories, so that each different chain of assignments could be viewed separately (news responses, final project, etc.) when this was preferred.

            In this vein, I definitely achieved this goal over the semester in terms of content. While alternating each week between responses to BuzzFeed News and New York Times articles, I found myself drawing connections between both earlier responses and class lectures, and returning to common themes in each including corporate responsibility, privacy, the issues of youth and technology, and mental health. As a result, my news responses are all tied together and related in some way. They are also, I believe, all very timely not just in terms of the specific events themselves, but in their discussions of many of the larger prominent issues within today’s tech world.

            In terms of design, I am happy with the simplistic, clean aesthetic of the website. I fixed all of the formatting so that there was a uniform style throughout, after I realized that I preferred the centered text alignment rather than the right-side justification. This was important for the streamlined look that I was trying to achieve.  I really enjoyed the website project because I feel that over the course of the semester, it pushed me to think not only about individual assignments and events and how I wanted to organize and represent them, but to think about how to create a cohesive work that, in its own way, told a story in terms of both content and visuals.

Through this website, I challenged myself to think beyond the facts of current events and more deeply about what they show about today’s media culture. I hoped that my viewers would be able to see my viewpoints and personal values through the way that I spoke about various events and issues, and for them to consider the deeper moral and ethical implications of current events, what they show about today’s society, and what they may mean for the future. I feel that I achieved this goal, and I hope that any readers have enjoyed following along with me over the past few months.