Website Reflection #2

Over the course of the semester I have made crucial changes to my website which have greatly improved its quality. I have added four distinct site pages, with corresponding links, by which to access the respective pages, located in the menu at the top of the site. These site pages are “News Responses,” “Final Project,” “Website Reflections” and “Extra Credit.” By adding these site pages, I have added a strong organizational device. Before the creation of these pages, the only way to view my content was on the homepage. The layout on the homepage is good for viewing the most recent content, however it becomes cluttered and confusing as you scroll down the page. By cataloging each post within the site page which they correspond to, I was able to create a comprehensive system for organizing my abundance of content. In introducing the various site pages, I was able to satisfy the goal for which I set for my website at the beginning of the semester in “Website Reflection #1.”

Working on and adding content to this website over the past semester has taught me valuable lessons about digital content production. It soon became clear to me that the most important priority for my website needed to be clarity and organization. If my content was not presented in a clear and compelling manner, I knew that no one would be able to appreciate the hard work I put into the content. As a result, every creative decision I made regarding the website, including the introduction of various site pages, was made to prioritized clarity in order to facilitate easy consumption of my content.