Website Reflection 4/29/18

I had already started this website in my Journalism class, but throughout this semester, I have really enjoyed adding to this website and creating my online portfolio of work. WordPress is such a useful tool and I have really enjoyed leaning more about how to use WordPress. This project allowed me to be creative and set up and design my own personal website in a way that best suits my work. It is interesting writing knowing that it is going to be on a website for anyone to see. This has allowed me to further my web design skills and write in a manner that integrates links to articles, photos, etc. As much as I have enjoyed creating the site itself, I also really love the work that went into it. I got to choose and write a current event each week that stood out to me, and write about the MLB and social media for my final project which I am extremely passionate about. This topic was right in line with my career aspirations, and this website served as an unbelievable outlet to share my work all in one condensed place. I hope to continue building this website beyond this class as a means to share and publish my efforts for anyone to see. This course overall and the creation of this website have definitely furthered by interest in digital media and I am excited to learn more in my future courses and endeavors.