Website reflection

The black and white picture of a road leading into an unknown forest started to give off the vibe of uncertainty, which is something I wanted to get rid of as I felt more aware and knowledgeable than before. A lot of writing had been done this semester, so I wanted to use a background that was fresh, stimulated ideas, and gave off the coffee-shop vibe. So, I changed the background to a wooden table with some coffee, fruit, and other tools to make the website less dull.

Other than that, I changed the background to grey instead of white, which made sure the website did not look too basic.

The title of my website ’’ did not serve to tell website visitors the purpose of the website. As the website was a record of my writings for this class over the course of the past four months, I decided to add “DMCult Spring 2018” to the title for added context. Another problem that I personally noticed with my website was that it had entire blog posts, some of which were 1500-1800 words long and thus took up too much space, so I decided to change that to excerpts only.