Website Refresh

For my second website update I decided to completely change the theme. My new theme is similar to the last in that it’s aesthetics are clean and minimal. My color palette and fonts are the same and I think the overall appearance is cohesive. The simple design of my site was also a conscious choice because I wanted my media elements to stand out and not get lost in a distracting layout. Additionally, I decided to stick with a one column layout and endless scroll. Personally, I think that this layout is the most user friendly because it allows readers to see all of the content in one place instead of needing to search around for what they are looking for.

The biggest change on my site is the sidebar. After my first website update, I received feedback that adding a sidebar would make my site easier to navigate. Based on this feedback, I decide to streamline the entire site and put all of my menu items in the sidebar instead of them being in a pull-down menu like they were with the previous theme. The sections I decided to include are: about, archives, categories, recent, and tags. Overall, I think that this addition improved the sites functionality. My favorite elements on the new site are the categories and tags sections. Categories allow readers to filter posts by larger topics, whereas my tags give a glimpse at what my content is specifically about.

Updating my website for the second time was a little more difficult than when I first created it. My first theme was a little easier to navigate because I didn’t have as many elements, but because I wanted to include more this time, I had to work closer on making sure everything was just right.