Website Update/Reflection 1

Although there weren’t many changes made to my website, I feel that these changes were beneficial to tidying things up, and making the site seem more presentable and related to its purpose. First, I changed the theme to something that I believe would match the topic of digital technology and media. The previous one seemed too cheery due to its light color scheme, so I switched it with a darker one to make it seem a bit more mature. Then I added a cover image for my first blog post, since not having one made it seem somewhat empty based on appearance. I plan to add cover images for future posts as well, when applicable. I also removed the example post that was there when I first created the site, for it served no purpose and didn’t add anything to the site.

Next I added a tagline to the site’s name so that people can clearly see what the site is about. Without the tagline, the site’s purpose would be difficult to understand, since I have only one post that briefly mentions it. Finally, I created two categories for sorting future posts (and my first post) — News Responses and Website Updates/Reflections. This would be useful for categorizing my posts if it ever becomes necessary to do so. These changes seem to be very useful in making the site more presentable and easier to navigate. I plan to make further changes with future updates if I find the need to do so.