Week of 2/26/18

This week I found an article about Big Pharma attempting to integrate data management into their testing. Companies and doctors believe that using real-life situations would vastly improve the accuracy of medications and test results. Also, the cost of testing medications in a lab environment has become more expensive. However, doctors and people are pushing back saying this is just a way for Big Pharma to increase the prices of certain drugs. I do think it would be great to use real-world data, but I’m very skeptical of Big Pharma’s intentions. The pharmaceutical field has become a very lucrative seeing that companies can inflate the cost of a drug with no regulations. I believe if this were to happen we would have more medication deserts. There are studies showing pharmacies in poor communities tend to have less inventory and shorter of operations. In the article, researchers and companies go out its way to say that people’s health data is very valuable. If people’s data have worth, then so should the individual. If companies were to take people’s data then we should have universal healthcare that these companies should pay a majority of the cost. There should be regulations in place to make sure medication deserts do not happen.