Week of April 3rd

For my news response this week I wanted to talk about the mass shooting at YouTube headquarters. On Tuesday, Nasim Najafi Aghdam entered the office with a handgun and started shooting at  employees leading to four people in hospitalized and Aghdam commiting suicide. Family members have said she was very mentally unstable and that she kept complaining about Youtube censoring her as a content creator. I send my condolences, but moments like this  makes me worry about the future. People are not even safe at work. What makes this situation worse is that the suspect appears to be Middle Eastern, so I can imagine NRA supporters getting excited about a tragedy. They will falsely label this woman as a terrorist working with ISIS or something like that and steer the conversation of Gun Reform towards a hate mongering rather than the obvious solution. However, Aghdam was an animal rights activists and was not Muslim.