YouTube Illegally Collects Data on Children

20 Consumer Advocacy groups are suing YouTube, Google owned company, for its collection of children user’s data. YouTube Kids app is violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act by not having parental permission for the collection of information on children under the age of 13.

A popular YouTube Kids channel

YouTube Kids app has been experiencing many problems lately–the YouTube Kids app algorithm has come under fire because of its passage of dangerous content like popular children’s characters drinking bleach. More recently however is this discovery of YouTube Kid’s collection of data, which is just adding to the debate of media companies and its misuse of the public’s data.

The commercialization of children’s data is troubling because children must be protected before they are treated as consumers. Television advertisements have been monitored to protect children, yet the same protections are not enforced for new media. These new media platforms must be more regulated and responsible for their collection of children’s data because  what children watch and do constantly on these apps should not be monetized.

The fact that YouTube Kids has been collecting this data for so long is frankly alarming, but it is even more alarming that anything one does online will be stored. The recent news about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook has made me start rethinking the way I use my own social media and new media platforms. I believe that there should be more regulation on this collection of data because I personally cannot stop using these forms of media because they are ubiquitous. The same way that the older forms of media are regulated should be enforced on new media because our laws are not up-to-date with twenty-first century standards.