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FILM 208: Digital Media and Culture is a course at Emory University that looks at the ways computers and digital technologies have changed how we think, communicate, express ourselves, learn, and interact with the world. The course covers such topics as the relationship between computers and culture, the way the Internet changed the dissemination of knowledge, the rise of media convergence and conglomeration, the cultural impact of social networking, and contemporary changes in digital entertainment industries, such as television, movies, and video games.

About the Instructor

Tanine Allison is an Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at Emory University, where she teaches courses on digital media, film and media history, video games, war films, and research methods. Her research focuses on militarism in the media, visual effects, and digital animation. Her first book is Destructive Sublime: World War II in American Film and Media, published by Rutgers University Press in 2018.

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