Digital Essay #2: Web 2.0 Personal Essay


Write a personal essay of 700-1000 words about the role Web 2.0 has played in your life. To make this more specific, you should choose one Web 2.0 service, site, or platform (such as Twitter, tumblr, Netflix, or Wikipedia) and discuss how it has changed some aspect of your life, such as communication with friends, knowledge acquisition, or leisure time. You should consider what this technology allows you to do, as well as what restrictions it has and/or what concerns you may have about it (such as regarding privacy, copyright, piracy, or miscommunication).

Be sure to explain what Web 2.0 means. You need to quote and/or paraphrase at least two of our class readings in your essay.

Since this is a personal essay, you’ll need to use “I” and talk about your own ideas and reactions. The style of the essay can be less formal and more creative. Much of the personal essay is about storytelling, so feel free to tell one long story that’s relevant to the assignment, or to use a few anecdotes to make your point.

Make sure your essay has a major idea or point to it. It does not need to have a formal “argument,” but it should draw specific conclusions or make general points.

As always, to make this truly a “digital essay,” you must use at least three non-text elements in your post, such as links to other sites, images, embedded videos, or GIFs. Consider the whole post (including visual elements and links) as part of your composition. Arrange your visual material carefully to both look nice and relate to/support your writing.

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